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R2D2 Easter Eggs

Secret Commands for the Voice Activated Interactive R2D2 Robot

This is a list of Easter Eggs (also referred to as "secret commands") for the Voice Activated Interactive R2D2 Robot.

Easter Egg #1: Follow Me
In Companion Mode, if you say Follow Me”, R2 will turn to look for you and then attempt to follow you around. Walk slowly though, or R2 will lose you and go the opposite direction.

Easter Egg #2: Come Here
In Companion Mode, say "Come Here”. R2 will then look for you and come to you. Since this command relies on R2's heat sensing technology, you'll probably need to kneel down in front of him. He may not come right to you, but R2 will try to find you.

Easter Egg #3: Imperial March Song
Although the Command Guide only mentions the Cantina Song, R2 can play up to five songs.

To play the Imperial March, go to Character Mode by asking R2 "Do You Remember”. Then ask R2 about Darth Vader and Anakin. R2 will then play the song for you.

Easter Egg #4: Sad Cantina Song
R2 will play a different version of the Cantina Song if you ask him to sing it in sad mode. This version is different than the version R2 sings when you command him to do the dance program in Game Mode. The easiest way to get R2 into sad mode is if you ask about Darth Vader in "Do You Remember" . R2's mood status indicator will change from blue to red when he gets sad.

Easter Egg #5: Celebration Song
R2 can also play a different version of the Celebration Song. To play the Celebration song:

  1. Go to Character Mode by asking "Do You Remember”
  2. Ask R2 about Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker
  3. R2 will then play the Celebration Song

Easter Egg #6: A Special Surprise

  1. Say "light beam". R2 will turn on his light beam.
  2. Tap R2 on the head three times.
  3. Say "game mode" to put R2 into Game Mode.
  4. Say "dance program" and R2 will do a special dance for you.

Easter Egg #7: See R2-D2's Reactions!
R2 will respond in a good way to these names:

Master Windu
Master Yoda
Qui-Gon Jinn

R2 will get scared of you mention these:

Darth Maul
Darth Plagus
Darth Sidious
Darth Tyranus
Jabba's Sandbarge
Jango Fett
The Cantina
The Death Star
The Empire
The Landspeeder
The Sandcrawler
The Star Destroyer
Tuscan Raiders