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Voice Commands for the Vocice Activated R2D2

Interactive R2D2 Robot Voice Commands

This is a summary of voice commands for the Interactive R2D2 Robot from Hammacher. Interested in purchasing this headstrong little droid?

To get R2's attention, start with "Hey, R2!". The little guy will respond with a noise indicating he is ready for a command.

After you have R2's attention, here is a list of voice commands you can give him. Note: he is a headstrong little bugger so be firm with him!

Character ModeCommand ModeCompanion ModeCourse ModeDistanceGame Mode
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Jabba the Hutt
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Reset system
Execute course
Go forward
Plot course
Switch off
Turn around
Turn left
Turn right
Reset system
Be quiet
Behave yourself
Command mode
Do you remember
Don't move
Game mode
Go on patrol
Light beam
Play message
Speak up
Time out
Reset system
Delete course
Execute course
Go forward
Turn around
Turn left
Turn right
Reset system
One unit
Two units
Three units
Four units
Five units
Answer This
Dance Program
Light Tag
Room Guard
Spin the Droid
Reset system